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 Correos: Regarding communication with ex-members.- ET

060. Libertad, coacción, control
ET :

In Opus Dei, as we all know in this forum what is preached is not what is practiced. So, in regards to communicating with people who have left, it brings to mind a certain conversation I had with the director of sm. She called me over to the the head offices and said that somebody told her that I had been communicating with people who have left.


So my first question was who are "these people", "these ghosts" in short the spies of Opus Dei? When confronted with that question, she dodged it like dodging a bullet. But that is besides the point.


What really caught or rather remained in my mind was why I was summoned to be asked such a thing. Is it wrong? Is there a problem? Is there anything to hide? I do not think it is wrong especially for some whom we lived with. 


My logic is for people especially who were inside Opus Dei for many years, they don't have friends. Most of the people they have interacted with are fellow Opus Dei. So its like throwing somebody who does not know how to swim into an ocean and leaving them there. However, they could argue that they assign a specific numerary to "follow you up". But her task is usually to get information and report back.


I would advise against these women who follow up because they get information and one day one of the stories of an ex who maybe is going through a rough patch (which is normal-life) becomes an anecdote during a retreat of how important it is to be faithful. We women are our own worst enemies. In a world where we are seeking to be heard, we destroy each other. (Topics for another day- chauvinism, masculinity in Opus Dei, gossip, backbiting, slander etc)


So if talking to ex- members leads to this, will anybody talk to them, they leave and they think that people of Opus Dei are just mean spirited (some are) but its because of the underlying factor of DARE YOU COMMUNICATE WITH THEM which makes those inside feel like they are being insincere and most importantly they are disobeying if they do.


Recently, the assistant numeraries were told to delete numbers of people who have left. The beauty of technology is that it is beating Opus Dei at its own game. They cannot go through everybody's phone to confirm (well don't underestimate them, they are very capable) - they can do it by playing mind games and reverse psychology. 






                                                                Traducción al español

Publicado el Lunes, 26 marzo 2018

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