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 Correos: A story from the land of the lions.- ET

010. Testimonios
ET :

It all started with smiling faces, good food, adventures, camps you name it. Everything to lure the young soul unaware of what is waiting for them. This was the girl’s school one of the cooperate works they have in the country. Their mission one- proselytism or in lay man’s terms- recruitment…

Little did I know I was one of those in the many St.Joseph’s lists they had put. On by one my friends who we were with in the ordinary circle would disappear. Till finally I asked where they had gone and I was told they had gone to another circle. So I wanted to join them and I was given the famous Notebook to read. I read for one hour in the chapel and then I whistled.  So I was in. But before that one has to speak to the director who asked whether there were any skeletons in the closet. I wondered why she would ask such a question but I figure now she was asking to know whether there was any impurity or dirty laundry in me or within my family. Thank God for the innocence for if there were any in my family and I spilled the beans, they would forever use that against me.

After a while then came the usual tools for mortification, never knew about them, never mentioned. They were only said after one had already joined. So I was given and instructed when and how to use them.

Life went on of course feeling on top of the world with your ego being soothed. The directors always being on top of things all this time being told that we should kiss the ground that the directors walk on. How naive we were, I was.

The classes, the attendance of the circles both for sr and mine. And the usual duty of counting and writing the names of the girls who attended the meditation. What stupidity. And the director at your back asking who is coming for the meditation.

In school you feel that you’re way above the teachers because now you are one of them and at home. How stupid when I look back. But that is the reality, that is how they make you feel. The ego is inflated to say the least.

Many stories here are from Europe,USA and Latin America. Well it’s time to hear from the dark continent. This is just the beginning.



Publicado el Lunes, 19 marzo 2018

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